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Address Healthcare Concerns

The absence of a hospital in the eastern district remains a significant threat to our community's well-being. Urgent action is needed to establish a reliable healthcare facility. It is also necessary to increase our support of Emergency Medical Services in any way that we can, to ensure timely access to vital medical services for our residents.


Problem Complexity

  • The lack of a hospital also affects economic development. 

  • Requires local, state, and federal government collaboration for a viable solution.

  • Low reimbursement rates from Medicare and Medicaid lead to financial difficulties for healthcare providers.

  • Cost of constructing a small community hospital would be significant, and reimbursement rates could cause a repeat of the difficulties that created the situation to begin with. 

Multi-Government Approach

  • Bluefield Wv and surrounding counties are also affected by the lack of a hospital.

  •  As a county government, there is little that we can do alone to solve the issue.

  • It is my goal to work together with Bluefield Wv, the state and federal government, and health systems in the area, to devise a solution that will provide lasting, quality healthcare to the citizens of our region.

Increased EMS Capability

  • Without a hospital in the Eastern District, we must rely more heavily on our EMS to provide immediate, life saving care to our residents.

  • Provide and maintain "state of the art" equipment.

  •  Encourage additional ambulances and staff for increased capability and availability.

  •  We also want to attract and retain the best EMT's and Paramedics that our region has to offer!

Other ways to improve

  • Increase the number of available healthcare facilities / doctor's offices, to provide access to healthcare. 

  • Bluestone Family Health 

  • Carilion Clinic just opened a family practice in the Westwood Medical Park

  • Although this doesn't address the lack of a hospital, it ensures that residents have access to quality healthcare in our area.

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