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A message from Charlie

When I ran for this position in 2011, the primary goal was to continue the efforts to protect and preserve East River Mountain. Once elected, I quickly learned there was far more to "running the office" than there was to "running for office." My goal in the beginning, and remaining in effect today was to demonstrate to the local citizens of the Eastern District of Tazewell County what good, clean, representative government should look like. That sounds simple enough but in today's day and time, government doesn't always seem good, clean, or representative of the people it serves. I have strived the last three terms to deliver just that; good, clean and representative government that hopefully has made each of you proud of your elected representative.    As I have shared with many of you over the years, I have found governing, in many ways, is like parenting. When you govern just to be popular, just like parenting, to be friends with your child, you probably won't succeed. I have always tried to simply do what was "Right" for our community. I have strived to include the citizens of the Eastern District in each decision I have made. I have done this through social media and direct outreach to determine what the wishes of the Eastern District voter were on each issue and then I tied to vote that way. I consider this my ultimate obligation in a "Representative Government." I am sure along the way I have made decisions some did not agree with. I hope because those decisions were made as being reflective of the "majority" of residents wishes it will show you I am just a "representative" of the whole Eastern District.    I hope as you read this and reflect on my time as your representative that you will agree I have tried very hard to deliver good, clean and representative government for you. I hope you have "liked" what you see in me. If you have, I hope you will consider voting for me again on November 7, 2023.

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