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I'm Charlie Stacy

When I ran for this position in 2011, the primary goal was to continue the efforts to protect and preserve East River Mountain. Once elected, I quickly learned there was far more to "running the office" than there was to "running for office." My goal in the beginning, and remaining in effect today was to demonstrate to the local citizens of the Eastern District of Tazewell County what good, clean, representative government should look like. That sounds simple enough but in today's day and time, government doesn't always seem good, clean, or representative of the people it serves. I have strived the last three terms to deliver just that; good, clean and representative government that hopefully has made each of you proud of your elected representative. I hope you will consider voting for me again on November 7, 2023.

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Term Goals



Live, Work, and Play Here

1. Keep taxes low while ensuring essential government services are maintained.

2. Create a business-friendly environment without excessive taxpayer incentives.

3. Focus on cleanliness and attractiveness to enhance the county's appeal to all residents and visitors.


Continue to Promote Tourism

Promotion of tourism highlights, such as the renowned "Back of the Dragon" and the popular Spearhead ATV trails. These attractions have consistently demonstrated their ability to draw tourists, contributing to the county's appeal as a destination of choice for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.


Address Healthcare Concerns

The absence of a hospital in the eastern district remains a significant threat to our community's well-being. Urgent action is needed to establish a reliable healthcare facility, and to increase support for emergency medical services, ensuring timely access to vital medical services for our residents.

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